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Frequently Asked Questions

PROquote EWI is a unique software system which allows you to very efficiently and accurately survey, price and manage most aspects of external wall insulation.

The software is designed to save you money and used properly can make significant cost savings over and above the price of the system or time spent using it.

By bringing together the surveying part of SWI, with material suppliers, labour and sub contractors, document and customer management sections, it provides all of the information you will need in a centralised platform.

It can be accessed on and off line in different sections and massively improves the efficiency of how you price and manage an SWI install.

PROquote EWI is set up to manage the process of installing EWI from setting up the initial customer, carrying out the survey and tracking the installation from start to finish. Additionally you can manage all the project documents in one place ensuring that you comply with any regulations.

You can set the system up to send automatic emails when certain actions are completed or particular documents are uploaded.

There are a number of ways that PROquote EWI keeps track of a project. You can set up your own workflow from first meeting your customer through planning work, authorisations to completing the work and following up with the customer .

Yes. There are certain fields that you must complete such as basic customer details. But if you only wanted to use the document management part per house, or the operation management section updating on tasks, then this can be done without using other parts of the system. However the largest gains are to be found when you use the whole system.

Yes, although at the moment there is no way for the user to export data, if this is a requirement please contact us and for a fee we can extract data in a variety of formats.

At present the system is set up with SPSenvirowall. Other suppliers can and will be added to the platform, but as SPS have been supportive in the early stages of the development of the software, they are the initial suppliers for full system pricing.

Yes, although you won’t be able to produce material schedules for the house or project and will be unable to produce real time costing as accurately for the material element of the project. It does not impact on labour costing, ancillary materials or works, or any other of the customer and project management parts of the system.

All your customer details are kept in one convenient place making PROquote EWI more efficient in finding and tracking documents.

Calculating material and labour requirements is easier, quicker and more accurate to enter into the system because much of the data can be set up once and used again and again.

We have a number of flexible plans you can choose from. There are plans to suit the small one-man business up to large corporates. Please see our plans page to seee more details. Read More...

If you find that you are always going over your monthly allocation of new houses, you can change onto another plan. To do this is easy, all you need to do is contact us by email or phone and we will arrange to swap your plan.

There is a minimum contract duration depending on which plan you choose, but at the end of this initial period we only require 90 days’ notice and you can cancel the contract.

Yes, all of the data you have put into the system (once connected to the internet) is saved to the cloud server. This means that if you have any catastrophic failure of your computer, you can simply upload the software on your new computer and all of the data will be there waiting for you.

All data input into the PROquote EWI system is stored in a database controlled by Procost Solutions. The database is unique to your company and is stored on a secure server which has 24/7 access and is backed up on a daily basis.

Your data is stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy.

Read policy...

There are a number of things that will need to be set up before you can use PROquote EWI, such as your workflow, documents to track and templates. But dont worry we will give you training and we are on hand to help every step of the way.

PROquote EWI has a neet handy tool which lets you draw your elevations, mark measurements and add any ancillaries.

We carry out training at our offices around the UK, these are held on a regular basis. We can accommodate up to six people per course. If you want one-to-one training or on-site training, we can arrange this at an additional cost.

PROquote EWI will run on a variety of systems but we recommend a PC on these lines:

A Windows PC running Windows 7 or above

Minimum 2GB Memory, 4GB Recommended

Minimum 250GB disk drive space